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Pictures that transform your home

You can transform your home with our framed pictures. The motifs on the framed pictures are available in a wide range of ​​styles and colors. Even with written messages that can call for reflection. When you create your walls and combine the framed images, you will be able to put your own completely unique touch on your home.


Trendy designs

We have our own designers who develop and select motifs for the framed images to suit the trend and colors of the time. The trend is constantly changing with the legs planted in nostalgia at one and the same time. This is also taken into account in the selection of our framed images. On an ongoing basis, the selection of motifs on the framed images is replaced or added in our webshop, to keep up with the trend development.


Framed images that do not reflect light

We all know it, glass and mirror surfaces reflect light, whether it is from the light bulb or the sunlight. The framed pictures is not mounted with glass and therefore the framed pictures do not reflect the light and you can enjoy your subject fully around the clock. When you order the framed pictures, you have the option of ordering with two different types of frames. Either with black frames or with oak frames.


Compose your walls with framed pictures

You can filter your search among the framed images so you can focus on the motifs and colors you want to put together and combine on your walls. Or if you just want to find exactly the framed picture you are missing. Your composition is your unique expression of yourself and your style in your home. The framed photos may also contain a message that you want to remind yourself or your guests of. You can find lots of inspiration under "Picture wall" on our website.

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